Monday, January 26, 2004

shes NOT a milf

» Krime is....YOUR MOM!

Eminem's slutty little mummy got carjacky-ed today, goo goo ga ga. That's fucking awesome! Hats and visors off to the teenage dirtbag that gripped her up and drug her around like a high school cheerleader. Fucking bitch has 80's hair, she deserves to get smacked around a little. Don't middleaged women know any fucking better? Obviously not. Hell, does anyone even care that his whore mother was carjacked? No. Next topic please.

» Diesel blowjob service.

Vin Diesel should be beaten like the red headed step child of two gay dads. Seriously, who's dick did this chump suck to get into Hollywood? Probably more than 36. I hate this douchebag more than I hate the fact that like five years ago I purchased the Michael Jackson double disc. Well that joke went horribly wrong; I just paid for your kids to be molested by an alien. Next.

» Back to Feminem.

G-Unit kicks ass. I'm gonna try out for the team this week so I can get my own G-Unit sneakers and condoms. Well, I don't know if my white weener can fit in the horse condoms if you know what I'm saying. Here's the rap I wrote to try out for the G-Unit. It's a one verse remix of a famous song:

check out the song and videos on twelvefifteen.com

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