Thursday, January 15, 2004

No matter what anyone says, James Rudd is the man. He may be handicapped and in a wheelchair, but he still knows how to get sloshed and freewheel it into danger! Why on Earth would a guy in a wheelchair ride down the middle of a street in a shitty ass town called Kutztown? Because he can, and there was probably some stupid googley-eyed fat whore freshman from Kutztown University that Drunken Rudd was trying to fuck. Seriously, unless you're a stupid jock on the Kutztown University football team trying to imitate scenes from "The Program," or a piece of shit from the lame offbeat Kutztown University marching band trying to commit suicide for sucking so bad - then there's no other legitimate reason to be in the middle of a ...

full story at: http://twelvefifteen.com

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