Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I can't stand when I'm on the phone with a company who bills me (credit card, gas, electric, etc) and the first thing I hear is "press one to continue in English," "prensa dos a continuar en espaƱol." And it gets worse. I'll be at the mall or somewhere else in public, and I'll see signs in both English and Spanish. Helloooo! This is America, there shouldn't be any other language available besides our language.

Even worse than the automated operators and signs is the immigrant fucks who speak Spanish in public and teach their children how to speak that shitty useless language. Every time I hear some degenerate scumbag from Mexico speaking Spanish, I want to punch them in the face and choke the espanol out of them - man, woman, and children alike. If you move to another country and have children THERE, you should teach them the language that the country speaks so that your kids aren't fucked up in school and are wondering why they don't understand jack shit.Even way worse is the fact that you should read the full story at http://www.twelvefifteen.com

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