Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Throwing a porno party is easy. It's finding sluts that is the hard part. Well, that's until you found 1215. By following the porno party recipe I'm about to give you, there's no way you shouldn't get laid.

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Monday, December 22, 2003

New article posted, by a FUCKING GIRL. Holy shit, didn't think I'd let this happen.

its listed @ http://www.twelvefifteen.com/articles.shtml

here is a small clip of it.....

What girls think about guys.
By: Drunk Prom Queen
After talking this over with Katie I've realized that guys are fucking stupid, and that if you place the guy stories of my friends and I in a book - it would be a bestseller with the following chapters.

1) Guys think they are the best thing to ever happen to you.
Reality check guys; Sex and the City was the greatest thing to happen to women; closely followed by Cosmo and soap operas. You'll be lucky to make the top ten.

2) Guys lie.
Why oh why do you do this? Just be honest. Seriously, you aren't going to break any hearts, and you know what? We'll respect you more if you're honest. If you lie, we're just gonna be pissed and bad mouth you to anyone who will listen. (input from 1215 - girls have big fucking mouths!)

3) Men think they are studs.
Ok, you may be cute. But you aren't that cute. I don't care who you are and I don't give a fuck if you're Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck. No guy is hot enough to put up with if they act like dicks.

4) Men think we're fragile and overemotional.
OK, sure there are always exceptions to the rules. But if you want to tell me something or do something, don't think you're catering to my needs by dancing around the situation. So if you want to go out with the boys or take a break, please spare me the 20 minute song and dance because I've got better things to do - like waxing my eyebrows or reading Rousseau.

5) Men don't know when to make a phone call.
Don't say, "I'll call you" and then not call. Just be honest. Chicks dig honesty. Just say, "listen I don't want to talk to you at this point in time, can we just end this on a good night and both keep our dignity in tact?" Rather than lying and saying ANY of these excuses, "I......

visit http://www.twelvefifteen.com/articles.shtml to read more.

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