Saturday, August 13, 2005

Strange dream I had last night...I'm a mile above ground, in a rain forrest, walking between trees on these square boards connected like a rope bridge. The scary part is that there is no rope, its more of a rubber band like material. Locals dressed in leaves and rags inhabit this place high above the ground and walk and run freely on the rubber band bridges without fear.

Me? I'm shitting my pants.

I take two steps and my feet feel like they're going to fall out from under me or lose balance.

One of the locals is hot as hell and a bit on the tan side. I don't know how she's tan, there's never enough sun to burn being under all those leaves. We're playing around and she's telling me not to be scared of the bridges. I see one line come undone and quickly reattach it to the post. Yeah, don't be scared of falling a mile to the ground, in the middle of a rainforrest? Ok. Sure.

I get her on her back and my face is near her ass because her legs are in the air. I'm about to give her what she's never had before and take a bite out of that pussy, but then I realize that she's probably NEVER shaved since she's a fucking tree-person. Not only that, but the only time they can shower is when it rains extra hard and enough makes it through the top section of leaves.

That leaves me in sort of a bind since I'm in this weird place and all I want to do is fuck the hot local with the hairy twat. Fuck it. Can't be picky.

Another dream I had was that I was in a school bathroom shitting my brains out and students were dropping things into the radiator. The radiator was above me on the next floor up, and things they dropped were falling on or next to me. They could even see me squatting if they looked hard enough. Somehow a strange exhaust pipe from a car fell through the radiator. It was hot as hell, but hit something that nearly froze it on the way down. I discovered some new hot-to-cold scientific discovery while taking a crap.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sunburn has returned and its not the fun it used to be; it hurts. Although, I'm addicted to peeling it off and that's probably a bit disturbing. Oh well. I bet most of you peel your skin off too, just like in grade school when you used to squirt a handful of Elmer's glue on your hands for the sole purpose of skinning it.

To hell with you if you don't enjoy peeling off your own dead skin!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Peter Jennings died. I think the general population feels quite weird or upset about it because he was our main news personality for decades. He was feeding us news since before I was born. It's like he's everyones uncle or something...don't know.

On a lighter note, I was kicked off of myspace.com again. Why? I don't know. I think its because the pictures I posted had wet t-shirts in them, however that's a load of shit because there's girls in thongs with their starfish showing. I had nothing that bad. Whatever. I'll be back on there in no time.

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