Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hey, at least it wasn't Wacko Jacko, the previously black pop king who's transformed into the skinny version of that fat piece of shit carpet munching fuck - Rosie O'donnell, who is handling the infant. At least its the Croc Hunter. Dammit people, he knows what the fuck he's doing; if he didn't - he wouldn't do it. How many times has he been bitten or nearly stung, or nearly eaten - and has not? A bunch. I guess. I don't know...I don't watch the Cock Hunter anymore, it got stupid because he was escaping angry villian animals. That swift fucking motherfucker probably devenomized all his dangerous animals and filmed him taunting them in his backyard. Really, is it not ironic that every fucking rock he lifts, lies a rattlesnake or some other stupid thing I would probably buy, but never ....

full story at - TwelveFifteen.com

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