Monday, February 02, 2004

ยป Janet Jackson's nasty nipple.

Uno: No one in the Milky Way cares about Super Bowl XXXVIII with the exception of clam chowder rejects who speak with the accent of hookers on heroin, and 85% retarded rednecks from the Carolinas - not exactly sure which Carolina the pussies Panthers represent, mostly because the moronic Carolina inhabitants don't know either.

Dos: Janet Jackson is almost as fugly as her alien-faced brother who's a child dick sucker by night, singer by day. Janet Jackson's superbowl halftime nipple resembles a miniature particle of excrement surrounded in a useless pile of metal - similar to black and white TVs complete with overlapping wire antennas - only cool in the 60's. The halftime show is useless. What the fuck does the sister to a child molester, Kid Rock (white trash), and other entertainers have to do with the game? NOTHING. PLAY THE FUCKING GAME ALREADY. I'd rather watch the special olympics 1,215 times in a row than watch a minute of two lame teams competing in the stupid bowl. Fuck it, as far as I'm concerned, the real super bowl was when the Colts lost to the Patriots. Fuck you Patriots and fuck you Panthers. Jake Delhomme is as gay as Jeff Garcia and so are you!

Tres: Find out what "tres" is at twelvefifteen.com

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