Sunday, February 08, 2004

ยป Drugs are bad.

Marijuana, the essence of hippies, shitty rappers, and uneducated. A poormans substitute for upper class stimulants. Collegiate pussy enabler. And the reason why half of your friends have/will fail out of college because their minds are too far set back to comprehend the fact that they've become essentially useless. Even worse, is the fact that many of you haven't had your filthy gina lips on anything worth toking. Say hello to schwag.

Heroin, built for corporate daughters, hookers, and pushers of disregard. Eventually the train derails and users wake up in rehab or next to mud and worms. Engineered for those who don't mind sharing needles with rebellious cuntal stains.

Pain, ecstacy, and all of the above. Cosmetically designed pills designed to variably enhance human body exist for the sole reason that you want hugs - not drugs. "E" makes people dance to trance and dress likes its a neon plastic Halloween gone wrong. Pain meds ensure the typical American will feel more lazy than usual. Thank god for remote controls.

Coke, rocks, socks, and destroyed thoughts mend the fact that the user has not recieved their money's worth. Another stupid drug designated for the white collar population and losers who hoard the cash they've earned selling pot - just to purchase another drug. Seems to be a favorite of ditzy blondes at medium sized colleges, but no one cares because it makes them more of a slut.

Magic mushrooms and acid create a dreamworld that's generally much better than the nightmarish reality humans are forced to experience. What better than to drive 90 on the freeway, staring at the skyline of your city, and realizing that Godzilla is destroying it. Later the user awakes in the uncomfortable mattress of a local hospital. The user is lucky to be alive, but they cry because they think that their so called friend Godzilla flipped their 96 Honda Accord out of anger. Hey, Godzilla has no friends.

My stimulant:
A keg of Miller Light, various liquors, and a fired up grill covered in heaps of manfood, and an abundance of shaved vag with nice racks.

A few things much cooler under the influence:

  1. Counting the hair on a homeless womans upper lip.

  2. Doing this to people.

  3. Play erotic dress up.

  4. Listening to these mp3s/watch the video.

  5. Masturbating.

  6. Watching the mysterious donuts.

  7. 1-6

  8. Wondering about Ronald McDonald.

  9. Wishing you were here.

  10. Beating this.

  11. Contemplating humanity and your life - this is the best of them all.

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